We all have questions. Big questions about God, life, our purpose, people, and even money. At Easter we had people fill out a survey about topics and questions they were most interested in hearing addressed. So we took the top responses and built a series around those. Because You Asked For It, we will spend the next several weeks addressing the questions you are asking. If you are asking these questions, then you probably know someone that's asking them too, so bring them with you as well!


  • Week 1: Where is God when it hurts?
  • Week 2: How can I win with money?
  • Week 3: Are we living in the end times?
  • Week 4: How do I deal with difficult people?
  • Week 5: How do I change?


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : You Asked For It - Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am!

10/25/2015- PART ONE

11/1/2015 - PART TWO

11/8/2015 - PART THREE

11/15/2015 - PART FOUR

11/22/2015 - PART FIVE

You Asked For It  - Week 1 - Where Is God When It Hurts? - Guest Speaker: Doug Everaard


At some point in our lives we all experience tragedy, loss or pain.  Our natural reaction is to ask “Why?”  Why me? Why this? Why God?  God never promised us a life free from pain, but He did promise to be with us in our pain. God’s presence in our lives can sustain us through any tragedy or trial.

You Asked For It  - Week 2 - How Can I Can - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Winning at anything requires the right attitude.  This includes winning with money.  But a right attitude is not enough.  We have to have a plan that sets us up for success.

You Asked For It  - Week 3 - Are We Living In The End Times? - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Followers of Jesus have been looking for his return ever since he ascended back into heaven. He promised he was coming back so we continue to ask, "Are we living in the end times?"

You Asked For It  - Week 4 - How Do I Deal With Difficult People? - Lead Pastor: Brian Ramey


We all have difficult people in our lives. Attitudes, personality differences, and competing interests create all kinds of tension in our relationships. What's the right way to deal with "those" people in our lives?

You Asked For It  - Week 5 - How Do I Change? - Lead Pastor: Brian Ramey


We have all dealt with the guilt and pressure of changing something in our lives. Today we discover where the power to change comes from.