The great mystery of our faith journey is that it is not meant to be an individual endeavor.  God designed us to need one another.  In that interdependency is where we ultimately discover our purpose.  Join us as we discover that we can do far more together than we can alone.


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8/14/2016 - PART 1

8/21/2016 - PART 2

8/28/2016 - PART 3

9/4/2016 - PART 4

9/11/2016 - PART 5

We > Me - Week 1 - I Love My Church


As followers of Jesus we should love what Jesus loves. Jesus loved the church. He started the church. We have been invited to live in relationship with Jesus and on mission for Him.

We > Me - Week 2 - Inviting People to Church


Exploring ideas of how to invite folks to church.  Have confidence while carrying out Jesus' final instruction He gave on earth.  Go and tell the world!

We > Me - Week 3 - God For Me


We tend to view God as strict, harsh and demanding. But truth is God has more FOR YOU than He wants FROM YOU.

We > Me - Week 4 - Consumers or Contributors


Half hearted effort rarely results in anything great. Especially our faith. We all tend to drift toward being spiritual consumers, but God designed us to contribute. That's where we find ultimate value.


We > Me - Week 5 - Treasure Hunt


 Our identity as followers of Jesus is rooted in being the body of Christ. That means we carry out the ministry of Jesus in the here and now. God has gifted us to do so, and that's ultimately where we find fulfillment.