Jesus.  It is one of the most recognized names in the world. In the views of most, no one looms larger over history than he does.  Although his life was brief and his actual ministry shorter still, billions identify themselves by his name, and millions more respect his life and teachings.  And yet possibly no major religious figure is more misunderstood than Jesus.  Join us as we ask the questions, "Who is Jesus?"  and "Why does it matter?"


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3/5/2017 - PART 1

3/12/2017 - PART 2

3/19/2017 - PART 3

3/26/2017 - PART 4

4/2/2017 - PART 5

4/9/2017 - PART 6

4/16/2017 - PART 7

4/23/2017 - PART 8

4/30/2017 - PART 9

5/7/2017 - PART 10

Vintage Jesus - Week 1 - Jesus Is God


The identity of Jesus is central to our understanding of Him.  Either He is God and deserves to be treated as such, or He is not and deserves to be treated as such.

Vintage Jesus - Week 2 - Cardboard Crosses


It's difficult imagining what a relationship with Jesus looks like. Fortunately Jesus has given us some pictures to help us.

Vintage Jesus - Week 3 - Jesus, The Good Shepherd


It is human nature that we want to lead our own lives.  But we aren't very good at it. We need help.  We need a shepherd.

Vintage Jesus - Week 4 - The Parable of the Empty Chair


We have been invited to a celebration. But the invitation is not for us alone.

Vintage Jesus - Week 5 - Mark 5


Jesus is not intimidated by our past, present or foreseeable future.  He came to heal and deliver broken people.

Vintage Jesus - Week 6 - Dead Girl, Sick Woman


There is power in the presence of Jesus. For us. For others.

Vintage Jesus - Week 7 - Unbelievably Believable


The teachings of Jesus don't prove that He was God.  The miracles of Jesus don't prove that He was God. The death of Jesus don't prove that He was God.  But the RESURRECTION...that's another story.

Vintage Jesus - Week 8 - Christ In You


Relationship with God is so much more than we often realize or live out.  We must learn who we are in Christ and allow our IDENTITY to inform our ACTIVITY.

Vintage Jesus - Week 9 - Jesus is Coming Again


If Jesus is indeed God, then not only did He die and rise from the dead, but He is coming again.  The question is not when is Jesus coming back, but WHAT should we do until He does.

Vintage Jesus - Week 10 - Ultimate Fulfillment


As followers of Jesus we have received the greatest of gifts.  But that gift comes with a responsibility.  The question becomes how will we respond in light of the gift we have received?