The death, burial and resurrection is the defining moment in human history.  But each central character experienced those events differently.  What they saw and felt, how they interpreted and responded to those events, was influenced by their past, perceptions and personal encounters with Jesus.  As we explore the vantage points that different people witnessed the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus from, we will learn that how we see the cross determines how we respond to the cross.


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2/28/2016 - PART ONE

3/6/2016 - PART TWO

3/13/2016 - PART THREE

3/20/2016 - PART FOUR

3/27/2016 - PART FIVE

4/3/2016 - PART SIX

Vantage Point - Week 1 - Mary


Mary's story teaches us that the Christian journey is not without pain or loss. But her story also teaches us what sustains us through life's difficulties.


Vantage Point - Week 2 - The Thief


The common assumption is that good people go to heaven. But the story of the thief on the cross challenges that assumption.


Vantage Point - Week 3 - Mary Magdalene


God's grace isn't just for us to experience. It is meant for us to share.


Vantage Point - Week 4 - God


The cross of Jesus evokes powerful images and emotions. But it also raises an important and difficult question: WHY did Jesus has to die?


Vantage Point - Week 5 - Peter


There are many reasons to follow Jesus, his resurrection from the dead being paramount. But how He deals with his disciple Peter in his failure shows the depth of His compassion.


Vantage Point - Week 6 - Thomas


We all have doubts. We have all experienced pain, loss and unmet expectations. Those experiences cause us to doubt things will get better, lose hope for the future, second guess ourselves and sometimes, even God. But God is not intimidated by our doubts. In fact, He is willing to meet us at the point of our doubt.