The Christmas Season at Genesis: Starts Sunday November 27!



  • 11/27 - New Series The Road to Bethlehem begins: click here to share and electronic invite!
  • 12/18 - Christmas Experience:
  • 12/22 - Candle Light Experience:




1.) INVITE: We won't you to come, but don't come alone! This years experiences are more than a celebration, but an opportunity for your and some you know to experience God and a new and fresh way. Inviting is easy. Use the invite cards we provide during service as a conversation starting and click on the links above to share our social media invites on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


2.) PRAY: We ask you set aside time each day to pray for our experiences. Pray that God would give us opportunities. Pray that he would bring us the lost, the broken, and the hurting. Pray for our experiences, that God would give us eye's to see what he sees, ears to hear what he hears, and hearts to feel what he feels. Pray for our Dream Teams, as our they are hard at work preparing for these experiences,  that God would refreshen them and use them as his instruments to reach others. Pray his will would be done this season and that he would use us to contribute.


3.) SERVE: Have you completed the Growth Track? If so great! Now it's time to serve. We want all of our Dream Teamers to have the opportunity to serve. If you would like to serve, and have not yet found a place to serve, swing by the Growth Track and we will find your place. God wants to use you to reach others! We help help you find that place this season.  Click here to register for the Growth-Track

The Christmas story is the story of God's faithful response to a life often filled with pain, fear and uncertainty. God so desperately wanted us to know that we are not alone on the journey that he came to walk alongside us as "God WITH us."

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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : The Road to Bethlehem - Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am!