God is infinitely beyond us and yet wants to be known by us. Jesus told stories of everyday life to help us connect the natural to the spiritual. In Stories we discover what these parables have to teach us about God, ourselves, and living in relationship with Him.


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : Stories - Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am!

6/5/2016 - PART 1

6/12/2016 - PART 2

6/19/2016 - PART 3

6/26/2016 - PART 4

7/3/2016 - PART 5

7/10/2016 - PART 6

7/17/2016 - PART 7

7/17/2016 - PART 8

Stories - Week 1 - Parable of the Soils


God's activity in our lives will produce results in our lives if we cooperate with him. God provides the seed. We are responsible for the condition of the soil.

Stories - Week 2 - Parable of the Hidden Treasure


We all wrestle with the tension of maintaining right priorities. Jesus taught there was no greater priority or source of fulfillment than living in relationship with God.

Stories - Week 3 - Parable of the Talents



Christians and non Christians alike have often questioned: What does God expect of us?  In this parable Jesus brings some clarity to the life God rewards.

Stories - Week 4 - A Parable, A Principle & A Picture


Prayer can be intimidating for us all. But it doesn't have to be. Jesus taught us to pray with such confidence that even when we don't get what we asked for, we get something better.


Stories - Week 5 - Parable of the Empty Chair


In spite of what many might think, God Ioves a good party! We have received an invitation into a celebratory life that we can't find anywhere else.

Stories - Week 6 - Our 5th Birthday


Due to some technical difficulties,we do not have the full message up. We do, however, have our vision videos up we played Sunday morning. Looking back is a video that talks about where we came from and how we started as a church. Stories is a group of testimonies and they tell us about about how Genesis has impacted them. Looking Forward looks ahead and shows you what is in store for genesis over the next 5 years.

Stories - Week 7 - Parable of the Good Samaritan


Tension, frustration and fear are boiling to the surface in our culture right now. The church needs to be leading the way with hope and healing.

Stories - Week 8 - Important Conversations


The early church was deeply divided over race as well. Change didn't come easy, but in Christ walls of division came down to make unity possible.