Red. Blue. Left. Right. Liberal. Conservative. Democrat. Republican. Culture and politics tries to divide us. But we yearn for something more. We wonder if there is a better way. There is.


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10/23/2016 - PART 1

10/30/2016 - PART 2

11/6/2016 - PART 3

11/13/2016 - PART 4

11/13/2016 - PART 5

The Politics of Jesus - Week 1 - Avoiding Election Infection


As followers of Jesus we should love what Jesus loves. Jesus loved the church. He started the church. We have been invited to live in relationship with Jesus and on mission for Him.

The Politics of Jesus - Week 2 - Kingdom People


To rightly understand our ROLE in the world, we must rightly understand God's WORK in the world.

The Politics of Jesus - Week 3 - Kingdom Character


The Kingdom of God will never be established through political means but through Kingdom people living out Kingdom character.

The Politics of Jesus - Week 4 - Where Do We Go From Here?


The election has come and gone, but our work as the people of God is not done.  The kingdom of God will never come through political means.

The Politics of Jesus - Week 5 - Kingdom Success


Jesus gave a picture of a kingdom success. That is the orientation point as we move forward as kingdom people living, praying and working to see the kingdom come in the here and now.