Everyone wants their marriage and family to be great.  But great marriages and families take a lot of work.  No one wants their marriage and family to thrive more than the One that created family.  Join us as we lean into God's wisdom concerning our homes.


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey: MAKING MARRIAGE GREAT AGAIN - Sundays: 9:30 & 11:15am!

5/14/2017 - PART 1

5/21/2017 - PART 2

5/28/2017 - PART 3

6/4/2017 - PART 4

6/11/2017 - PART 5

6/18/2017 - PART 6

Make Marriage Great Again - Week 1 - Make Love a Verb


Our culture is in love with falling in love.  But we seem to be giving up on the notion of staying in love.  Jesus gives us a principle that enables to stay in love and make our marriage great.

Make Marriage Great Again - Week 2 - Cultivating Great Marriage Soil


Great marriages and families, like fruitful gardens, must be cultivated.  It all starts with the soil.



Make Marriage Great Again - Week 3 - Cultivating Great Marriage Seed


When creating a garden you plant the seeds of what you want to grow.  Marriage and family is no different.  We will reap what we consistently sow into our relationships.  If we want our marriage or family to be great, then we must choose our seed wisely.

Make Marriage Great Again - Week 4 - Cultivating Great Marriage Sustainability


Beautiful gardens must be cultivated.  Great marriages and families must be as well.

Make Marriage Great Again - Week 5 - Cultivating Financial Peace in Marriage


Money is one of the biggest causes of stress and tension in marriage and families.  If we are going to make marriage and family great we have to have a plan for money.

Make Marriage Great Again - Week 6 - Practices for Healthy Families


Interpersonal relationships are way to complex to be reduced down to simple formulas.  But there are practices that set us up for healthy marriages and families.