Do your finances bring you fear or freedom? Whether you’re digging out of debt or planning for your future, now’s the time to build a foundation that endures. Investing in a brighter tomorrow starts by Making Change today.


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : Making Change - Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am!

2/5/2017 - PART 1

2/12/2017 - PART 2

2/19/2017 - PART 3

2/26/2017 - PART 4

Making Change - Week 1 - Less is More


The mantra of our culture is more is better. But we know that's not always true. God's word says the opposite may actually be true: LESS IS MORE.

Making Change - Week 2 - Stress Is Bad


We all know that financial stress is bad.  What many don't realize is that different and better are possible.  Today we talk about making change so we don't have to live under the load of financial stress.

Making Change - Week 3 - Giving is Good


When we live generously we bless others and are blessed as well.

Making Change - Week 4 - Tomorrow Matters