Ask any typical man or woman what their highest priority is and they will answer: their family.

We know our marriages and children must come first, but it takes a lot of work to make that happen.

Because we are so busy, there isn’t a lot of time or energy left to pour into each other.

In the midst of life, it’s easy for the most important things to take a back seat to the most pressing things. How are we supposed to manage it all?  How are we supposed to win at home?  How can we maintain the Home Field Advantage, because nobody likes to loose at home.


Join us this September as discuss how you can maintain the #HFA (HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE)


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE

9/7/14 - PART ONE

9/14/14 - PART TWO

9/21/14 - PART THREE

9/28/14 - PART FOUR

10/5/14 - PART FIVE

The Messy Middle


The bible paints a picture of what the ideal looks like for our marriages and families. The problem is no one has an ideal marriage or ideal family. So how do we deal with the tension that exists between the real and the ideal?  What do we use to fill the Messy Middle?

Learn the Language


In Ephesians 5, Paul points married people to the model of Jesus and His love for us and says, "Love This Way". Jesus didn't wait for us to move His way or shape up before he loved us, and we are given the responsibility to love our spouses fully and completely simply because that is how we are loved by Jesus.

We Win as a Team


What makes a great team is the same thing that makes great families. Great teams happen when each individual commits the best of themselves for the sake of the whole. Great families happen the same way, and it can start by asking one simple question.

Win The Heart


Few things can cause greater joy and heartbreak than our children. We love them some much and want them to succeed so badly. At some point we have to put them in the game, stand on the sidelines and watch them play the game of life. How do we well prepare them to win at life?.

Who's Number One?


Money affects every part of our lives. It has a direct impact on our families. It's hard to win at home when you're losing financially. Journey with us as we explore God's game plan for wining with money.