Often it feels like we have to live out our faith journey in our own strength and wisdom. Like God saves us but it's up to us to "do" it all after that. And it can feel exhausting, frustrating, even impossible. But we are not alone. We don't have to do it ourselves. One of the final things Jesus told his followers before He went to the cross was that He was sending them a Helper who would enable them to live and love like He taught them to do. Join us as we talk about the God who HELPS us live.

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Need some HELP making your faith journey a "get to" rather than a "got to?" Join us Sunday for our #HelpMe series @ 9:30 or 11:15. mygenesis.tv

Posted by Genesis Church OKC on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6/21/2015 - PART ONE

6/28/2015 - PART TWO

7/5/2015 - PART THREE

7/12/2015 - PART FOUR

7/19/2015 - PART FIVE

7/26/2015 - PART SIX

8/2/2015 - PART SEVEN

8/9/2015 - PART EIGHT

Help Me  - Week 1 - Help Me Lead - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Most men desperately fear failing in the areas that matter most; marriage, family and even work. Men are also notoriously bad about asking for help, but we are not alone. Jesus gave us a HELPER

to help us lead well in the things that matter most.

Help Me  - Week 2 - Help Me Come Alive - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


We often wonder if there is more to our faith than what we are experiencing. According to Jesus there is, and He sent the Holy Spirit to enable us to be who God created us to be and do what God created us to do. The Holy Spirit helps us come alive to the fullness of God.

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Help Me  - Week 3 - Help Me Live With More - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


God never intended for us to live out of our own power. Instead He has given us His through the Holy Spirit. Tragically many have steered clear of the Spirit's work because of the misuse and abuse of the Spirit that they have seen or heard about. But a GOOD God has a GOOD gift He wants to give us. .

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Help Me  - Week 4 - Help Me Grow - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


God is so intimately involved in our lives because he loves us and wants us to experience all that he created us for. He cares more about our HEALTH than He does our PERFORMANCE.

Help Me  - Week 5 - Help Me Serve - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


God has created us to live lives that matter. To make that possible he has given us his spirit to give us both the power and the ability.

Help Me  - Week 6 - Help Me Pray - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


God never meant prayer to be difficult. Prayer is how we give permission to the Spirit to work in our lives.

Help Me  - Week 7 - Help Me Belong - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


God wired us for relationships. Jesus modeled community by inviting a few people to live up close to Him. The early church followed that example and their love and commitment to one another became irresistible to the culture around them.

Help Me  - Week 8 - Help Me Reach - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Most of us are the product of someone reaching out to us or a family member at some point in time. But bringing God into the conversation can seem awkward and difficult. But the Holy Spirit gives us power to influence others when we make room for Him in our lives.