The new year is a time when we all think about change.  Changes we need to make.  Changes we wish we would have made long ago.  Yet in spite of all our wishing, intentions and resolutions, lasting change is hard to come by.  For many, their 2016 goals look a lot like their 2015 goals.  The vast majority of people will abandon their resolutions before this month is even over.  Gyms that are full in January will be nearly empty by March.  Many will continue to struggle financially, marriages will continue to be strained, and dreams of a better day will continue to collect dust in the recesses of our minds.  Why does change have to be so hard?  But, there is HOPE.  CHANGE is not just possible, but PROMISED as part of our faith journey.  For Christians, CHANGE doesn’t happen by following a set of rules, but from the POWER of Christ transforming us from the inside out.  In this series we will be exploring 5 Moves that we can make that help create a mindset and environment for real change to be achievable.


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1/3/2016 - PART ONE

1/10/2016 - PART TWO

1/17/2016 - PART THREE

1/24/2016 - PART FOUR

Game On - Week 1 - The One Thing


We are all one or two changes away from a radically different life, marriage, financial situation, health situation, etc. But significant change means identifying the choices we need to make, or stop making. This week we ask: What is your ONE THING?

Game On - Week 2 - The Next Step


Wanting to change doesn't lead to change. Action leads to change. Once we have identified the "one thing" we have to ask "what next?"

Game On - Week 3 - Shed Some Weight


If God has designed us for a life of purpose and fulfillment, then why are so few Christians experiencing that life?  The problem is we tend to get stuck.

Game On - Week 4 - What's Your Gift


God has created us to live lives bigger than ourselves. And He has given us all we need to do so.