It is evident from the life and ministry of Jesus that the whole reason He came was FOR PEOPLE.  Not just for the good or the righteous or the believing, but for the lost, the broken, the uncertain, the skeptics, and the doubters.  He came for you.  He came for me. He came for our our enemies.


At Genesis we believe that we should exist for the same reason Jesus came...FOR PEOPLE.


We exist...FOR THE CITY.


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey: FOR THE CITY- Sundays: 9:30 & 11:15am!






For the City - Week 1 - Eyes Wide Open


For the church to be faithful in serving God, we must be committed to serving people.




For the City - Week 2 - Moved with Compassion


Awareness gives birth to compassion.  Compassion gives birth to miracles.




For the City - Week 3 - Pray Like...


The needs of our city are bigger than us.  We need God to move in our city.  But God needs us to move in our city.




For the City - Week 4 - Work Like...


God is at work in the world.  But we have to be open to His work through us.




For the City - Week 5 - Make it Count


God has called us to a great work.  But we will have to fight through the distractions and temptations of good things to fully participate in God's work in us and through us.