The person of the Holy Spirit, He is our friend, teacher, comforter, counselor and companion, He is all we need, when we need Him.


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey: EXTRAORDINARY - Sundays: 9:30 & 11:15am!

6/25/2017 - PART 1

7/2/2017 - PART 2

7/9/2017 - PART 3

7/16/2017 - PART 4

Extraordinary - Week 1 - Who is the Holy Spirit?


We tend to resist what we do not understand.  The more we get to know the Holy Spirit the more we will want His activity in our lives.

Extraordinary - Week 2 - Supernatural Power


The Christian life is impossible in our own power.  Fortunately God has given us the power we need to live the life we have been created to live.

Extraordinary - Week 3 - The Work of God in Us


Having the Holy Spirit's power available to us is not the same as making ourselves available to the Holy Spirit.

Extraordinary - Week 4 - The Work of God Through Us


God has a long history of working in the world through people.  There are no extraordinary people, just ordinary people who say yes to an extraordinary God.