Emotions. They are the spice of life. We all feel our emotions deeply, but emotions can betray us. Emotions can lead us astray. Join us as we discuss how to face our emotions and still thrive in life.


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey: extremely emojical - Sundays: 9:30 & 11:15am!







Extremely Emojical - Week 1 - Get Off the Roller Coaster


When we live as a slave to our emotions it robs us of our internal peace and damages our external relationships.



Extremely Emojical - Week 2 - The Curse of Insecurity


Insecurity thrives off of comparison and feeling like we don't measure up, aren't as important as or not worth as much. Paul tells us to measure ourselves according to our faith. We shouldn't measure ourselves against others, but should measure ourselves against the us God called us to be.



Extremely Emojical - Week 3 - The Power of Perspective


Problems and pain are common to all of us. There is little we can do to avoid them. But there is a way to embrace them to leads us to a place of emotional and spiritual health in spite of them.



Extremely Emojical - Week 4 - Difficult People


We all have difficult people in our lives. Sometimes we are the difficult person. How we treat the difficult people in our lives directly affects our emotional health and reveals the depth of our trust in God.



Extremely Emojical - Week 5 - Toxic Thinking


Often the source of our extremely emojical behavior is toxic thinking.



Extremely Emojical - Week 6 - Words have Power


What comes out of our mouth represents what we allow in.