The power of music is undeniable. We all have a song or songs that stir up vivid memories. Music gives expression to our soul. The book of Psalms is a book of songs that give expression to all the emotion of the human experience; joy, fear, worry, loneliness, love and so much more. They teach us about God, ourselves and life. Join us as we dive into The Classics.

Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : The Classics- Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am!

5/10/2015 - PART ONE

5/17/2015 - PART TWO

5/24/2015 - PART THREE

5/31/2015 - PART FOUR

6/7/2015 - PART FIVE

6/14/2015 - PART SIX

The Classics  - Week 1 - Psalms 42 - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


The psalms give full expression to all the emotion of the human experience. We find that god is not intimidated by our emotions. But we have to choose what is going to drive our lives: feelings or faith?

The Classics  - Week 2 - Psalms 103 - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


We all worship something. We all have the freedom to worship what we want, but we tend to become what we worship. What would those who know you best say that you worship most.

The Classics  - Week 3 - Psalms 51 - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Sin is an uncomfortable subject. But we all sin. Psalm 51 teaches us the right response to our sin, and even more importantly, how God responds to it.

The Classics  - Week 4 - Psalms 23 - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


People have all sorts of concepts about God; distant, demanding, critical, condescending, but the Bible reveals a different kind of God. If we don't see God rightly we won't be able to relate to Him right.

The Classics  - Week 5 - Psalms 139 - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


We all deeply desire to be fully known yet fully loved. But our deepest fear is that in being fully known we will be rejected. So how do we relate to a God who knows us inside and out?

The Classics  - Week 6 - Psalms 13 - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Often the future is dark leaving us questioning how things will turn out and how are problems and pain will be solved. We have questions about what, when, where and how? But the question that is most important is WHO we are walking into the future with.