Ask 100 people to define it, you'll get 100 different definitions. It's likely that all 100 will be incorrect. Join us as we take a look at what it really means to be a Christian.


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4/10/2016 - PART ONE

4/17/2016 - PART TWO

4/24/2016 - PART THREE

5/1/2016 - PART FOUR

5/8/2016 - PART FIVE

5/15/2016 - PART SIX

5/22/2016 - PART SEVEN

5/29/2016 - PART EIGHT

Christian - Week 1 - Time for a Re-Brand


Ask 100 people to define Christian and you may get 100 answers. The interesting thing is even the Bible doesn't define Christians. And the early followers of Jesus actually used a different term to describe themselves.

Christian - Week 2 - Double Down On Love


If we don't get love right, it really doesn't matter what else we get right.

Christian - Week 3 - Insiders Outsiders


The church world is struggling with how to respond toward a culture that doesn't believe like we do.  How should we respond?

Christian - Week 4 - Showing Up


Jesus gave his disciples 2 powerful word pictures to describe their value and influence on the world.

Christian - Week 5 - Well Loved


The love that Jesus called his disciples to live with is not natural to us. We must learn to receive it in order to give it.

Christian - Week 5 - The Line Between Truth and Grace


John wrote that Jesus was full of grace and truth. Too often the church will error to much on the side of grace or to much on the side of truth. Join us as we discover Jesus' perfect model for the balance between truth and grace.

Christian - Week 7 - Lost & Found


Jesus is willing to embrace the tension of truth and grace because he is passionate about seeing the lost found. As his disciples, we should be as well.

Christian - Week 8 - Working it Out


If we are going to commit ourselves to being disciples and not just Christians we have to start asking the question: What does love require of me?