Like a boat without an anchor we are all prone to drift.  We must be intentional in the fight against it.  In this series we discuss the connections necessary to fight spiritual drift so we can live a thriving faith and impactful lives.


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : CONNECT 4 - Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am!

1/8/2017 - PART 1

1/15/2017 - PART 2

1/22/2017 - PART 3

1/29/2017 - PART 4

Connect 4 - Week 1 - Know God


We all need vital connections to help keep us from drifting off course personally and spiritually.  The first connection is a PERSONAL relationship with God.

Connect 4 - Week 2 - Find Freedom


God wants us to find freedom and experience transformation. He has given us everything we need but we need some help living it out.

Connect 4 - Week 3 - Discover Purpose


Being faithful to God means using the gifts and opportunities we have been given to serve other people.

Connect 4 - Week 4 - Experience Fulfillment


God wants us all to experience fulfillment. As we dive into our final installment of this series, discover God's plan for living a life of fulfillment.