We live in a world of fakers. Rather than being real with each other, we present a carefully-crafted persona that hides our faults and magnifies our good qualities. But inside we long to be loved, warts and all. We long to stop hiding from each other—and especially from God.


Join us as we talk about how to have a life built on authenticity, showing that the way to true freedom lies through reclaiming our hearts, reviving our souls, and renewing our minds in light of what God has done for us through Jesus Christ.


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : BE REAL, Because Fake is Exhausting

10/19/14 - PART ONE

10/26/14 - PART TWO

11/2/14 - PART THREE

11/09/14 - PART FOUR

Welcome to the Hypocrites Club


 Religion is all about the "show". "Who do I appear to be?" God is not. God is interested in who we really are. This week we learn how to pursue inward transformation over outward modification.

Lose the Battle, Win the War


We all struggle for control. We think control gives us the ultimate freedom. We all want to do life, sometimes even faith, on our terms.  According to God, it doesn't work that way. This week we discover how to find true freedom.

The Case for Confession


Christians (and the church in general), are not necessarily known for transparency, but transparency is the key to spiritual growth. God can not change what we will not acknowledge. God is OK with us not being OK, He just does not want us to stay that way.

Position vs Performance


 We all struggle with our performance in our spiritual journey.  Today we discover that the real source of joy is found in our position, not our performance.