We make choices every day. Most seem insignificant. But our choices lead us somewhere. Sometimes they lead to us places of regret.  Sometimes we look around and have no idea how we got where we are.  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed trying to carry the weight of yesterday into tomorrow.


If you feel like you are held down by the mistakes of yesterday.

If you are tired of carrying around the weight of guilt, shame or neglect.

If you would like to learn how to break free from yesterday.

Then join us for Baggage, as we learn how to LIVE FREE & TRAVEL LIGHT.


Join us Sunday @ 9:30 & 11:15am!


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Senior Pastor - Brian Ramey : BAGGAGE - Sundays @ 9:30 & 11:15am!

1/18/2015 - PART ONE

1/25/2015 - PART TWO

2/1/2015 - PART THREE

2/8/2015 = PART FOUR

2/15/2015 = PART FIVE

Baggage  - Week 1 - Check the Tags - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


We all have baggage. But because of our new identity in Christ, it could be that we are carrying bags that don't even belong to us anymore. We need to check the tags.

Baggage  - Week 2 - Baggage Check - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Baggage is not just a yesterday problem. How do we check our bags today so that they don't continue to pile up?

Baggage  - Week 3- Think Right, Do Right - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Change begins with choosing differently. But before we can act differently we have to think and see differently.

Baggage  - Week 4 - Ask the Right Question - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Life is choice driven. We live and die by the choices we make. But circumstances and emotion often cloud our judgment. This question helps bring clarity to our decision making process.

Baggage  - Week 5 - Relational Baggage - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Relationships are messy. We have all hurt others and been hurt by others. Join us as we discuss the amazing power of forgiveness.