We are simply not ourselves, our true selves, that God designed us to be, when we are busy, over-committed, and hurried. An overwhelmed life will eventually lead to an underwhelming life. God's word contains principles that teach us a more sustainable pace and a healthier rhythm which leads to a more peace filled life.


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9/6/2015 - PART ONE

9/13/2015 - PART TWO

9/20/2015 - PART THREE

9/27/2015 - PART FOUR

10/4/2015 - PART FIVE

10/11/2015 - PART 6

10/18/2015 - PART 7

Addicted to Busy  - Week 1 - Big Rocks - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


If we are not careful our lives quickly get filled with insignificant activities and demands. And the big things in life, the things we say we care about the most, get crowded out. If we don't choose our priorities someone else will choose them for us.

Addicted to Busy  - Week 2 - Invest Wisely - Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


There is a difference between SPENDING our time and INVESTING it.  God doesn't just bless what we want Him to bless. God blesses what He has chosen to bless.  When we invest our time and energies in those things we experience His blessing.  The blessing of the Lord is what makes our lives feel full and rich.

Addicted to Busy  - Week 2 - The Jesus Pace- Lead Pastor Brian Ramey


Many live at an unsustainable and unfulfilling pace. Jesus invites us to follow Him to a better way.

Addicted to Busy  - Week 4 - Wake Up - Guest Speaker Abraham Wright


Wake Up is a needed message within the church to the dangers of neglecting our physical health.

Abraham shows us how simple and graceful pursuing your health can be. Grow in grace!

Addicted to Busy  - Week 5 - Miracle of margin - Lead Pastor: Brian Ramey


Regardless of what we know to do or even want to do, we simply can't do it if we don't have the time or resources. We can't give what we do not have.

Addicted to Busy  - Week 6 - Don't Rush Home - Lead Pastor: Brian Ramey


Imagine what our homes could be like if peace was the defining characteristic?  The world seduces us into a pace that leads to stress and anxiety, but God invites us into a different way.



Addicted to Busy  - Week 7 - Waiting Room - Guest Speaker: Mike Miller


No one likes to wait. But the process God leads us through in our faith journey often includes waiting time. But when it comes to God's purpose for our lives waiting isn't stopping, waiting is working.